One-Time Dumpster Rentals

We offer 6yd dumpsters year-round.
6yd dumpsters are great for all your small projects, such as: kitchen/bathroom renovations, basement cleanouts, garage cleanouts, spring cleaning, etc.
Contact us for pricing and questions

One-Time Dumpster Sizes

6yd Dumpsters

Size: 4.5ft tall x 6.5ft wide x 10ft long

Permanent Dumpsters

We have 2yd and 4yd dumpsters available for permanent placement
We offer different scheduling options for pickup: Biweekly or Monthly

Dumpster Guidelines

Items we cannot accept in dumpsters:

-Any Liquids
-Organic Waste (Animal remains, Pumpkins, Yard waste, etc.)
-Hazardous Chemicals (Battery Acid, Asbestos, Pesticides, etc.)
-Any Metal (Barrels, Appliances, Scrap Metal, etc.)
-Paint (Except Completely Dried Latex Paint Cans, No Liquid)
-Petroleum Products (Drain Oil, Hydraulic Oil, etc.)
-Electronic Waste (Microwaves, Computers, TVs, etc.)
-Landscaping Material (Soil, Concrete, Gravel, Compost, etc.)
-Medical Waste (Used Syringes, Old Medications, etc.)
-Railroad Ties