Curbside Services Include:

  • Weekly Garbage pickup of items such as food waste, old fabrics, toys, hard plastics, plastic bags, cat litter, and other household items.

  • Weekly Recycling pickup of items such as tin cans, water bottles, scrap paper, cardboard, glass, cardboard, and other recyclable items. Please make sure recycling is loose in a can (Please, No Bags) and is rinsed.

  • One Bulky Item pickup per month of items such as a couch, love seat, chair, mattress/box spring (single or twin), small table, or any other nonmetal item that may fit in our trucks. Please call ahead and let us know what you have, so we can coordinate with our drivers.

Items we cannot accept at the curb:

  • Metal of any kind (Scrap metal can be taken to our drop off locations, free of charge)

  • Electronic Waste (Electronics can be taken to our drop off locations, fees do apply)

  • Organic Waste (Excessive Food Waste, Animal Carcasses, Pumpkins, and other organic waste can be deposited in our compost pile at our Waldo drop off location, free of charge)

  • Wet Paint (We will accept dry paint. If you need advice on how to dry excess paint, please let us know)

  • Drain Oil (Oil and other petroleum products can be taken to our drop off locations, a small fee may apply

  • Tires (Tires are not accepted at either of our drop off locations. We recommend contacting a local mechanic to dispose of them)